Our Services
Business Administration
Assistance in starting business in Italy.
Open Company Italy assists its Customers in launching a new company: from drafting the company bylaws and selecting the most suitable legal type to registering the Taxpayer Identification Number for foreign owners and Notary Assistance.
Company Start-up services
Marketing research for company needs, competitors analysis, suppliers analysis,   business plan preparation, real estate/industrial premises research, obtaining government authorization, costs planning, tax planning, company's web site development, staff research.
Obtaining an Italian Fiscal Code (Codice Fiscale)
The Italian fiscal code card (Codice Fiscale) is an alphanumeric code of 16 characters. It serves to identify unambiguously individuals residing in Italy irrespective of residency status. Designed by and for the Italian tax office, it is now used for several other purposes like identifying individuals in the health system, or natural persons who act as parties in private contracts. The number is issued by the Italian tax office. For each shareholder of an Italian company it is mandatory to have its own Italian fiscal code. Open Company Italy can obtain the Fiscal Codes for its clients once they have a valid European Visa in their passports. Otherwise it is necessary to go to the foreign client's country Italian Consulate to obtain it.
Bookkeeping/Accounting, Management Consulting, Administrative Support, Tax Consulting
Once a new company is opened and registered in the Chamber of Commerce of the city, upon the request of the customer, Open Company Italy provides annual accounting  services such as bookkeeping,  invoice registration, drafting annual Balance Sheets and Income Declarations , fulfilling all the mandatory tax procedures,  assisting with the preparation of Shareholders Meeting and the Board of Directors Committee Acts. Optimization of the tax planning always makes part of our accounting services. Open Company Italy can also provide the service of an Italian Administrator for a new company where needed and to work through the official Power of Attorney to represent better the needs of a foreign client.  If necessary, we  help our clients to obtain government authorizations  and Licenses from the competent authorities.
Opening a bank account in Italy
Open Company Italy  provides its Customers with assistance in opening personal and corporate bank accounts in leading Italian banks.
Tax Payment Services and Annual Declarations
Open Company Italy provides 360 degree tax assistance for its clients: - providing a company's tax payment plan (Value Added Tax- VAT- compliance, calculating corporation taxes IRES - Imposta sul Reddito delle Società ,  and IRAP – Imposta Regionale sulle Attività Produttive ); - examination of  double taxation issues; - individual taxes Personal Income Tax (IRPEF- Imposta sul Reddito delle Persone Fisiche) calculation; -  Municipal tax on property (IMU, Imposta Municipale Unica) calculation; - dividends taxation; - registration tax calculation; - tax of income of non-residents calculation; - tax planning and tax optimization services for individuals and companies.
Recruitment, HR Management and Payroll
Open Company Italy assists its clients in staff research and recruitment, in planning common expenses for the employee's payroll (calculating the state taxes and contributions to the pension fund in advance). We also  assist you  in : - drafting working agreements, hiring letters and corporate contracts with employees/ start of employment; - preparation  of   monthly payroll, communication with social security institutions and assistance systems  such as INPS and INAIL; - employment of foreign workers, authorization request (Nulla Osta), stay permit (permesso di soggiorno) issuance; - end of employment procedures; - workplace safety procedures;
Obtaining Italian and European Grants / Funds
We help our clients in gathering all the necessary documentation for participating in Italian and European Grant/Fund programs, including preparation of business plan and the search of an appropriate Grant program available at the moment.
Providing Legal Address/Virtual Office
Open Company Italy can provide for its clients Legal addresses (mandatory for all Italian companies) in any Italian city as well as the service of a Virtual office in all the major Italian cities that can include: - mail management. We will receive your correspondence, store it and send you a report; - personalized telephone answering.  Assigning a fixed line number with the area code of  a chosen  city. The Secretary will answer with the name of your company according to your instructions; - meeting rooms rent service
Company Reorganization and Restructuring
Open Company Italy conducts a general analysis of the development dynamics of the Company and provide consulting services on reorganization of the Company to reduce costs, reallocate resources and optimize the overall management of the Company.
Registration of Trademarks and Patents
In Europe, trademarks can be registered at national level as a national trademark or at EU-level as a European Union trade mark.  We register your Trademarks and Patents in the Office of Brands and Patents of Italy (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi) by checking the availability of the trademark in Italy then filing the appropriate application for the registration of the Trademark  with the Italian authority for to obtain at the end the Italian Trademark Registration Certificate. When necessary we can ask for European Trademark protection  at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which is the best way to protect and defend your brand and it means that a trademark can be registered, and  protected throughout the whole EU Community.
Company Liquidation and Dissolution
Open Company Italy provides its Customers with necessary assistance on the closure and liquidation of the company. We can become liquidators of your Company, as well as prepare and submit a final liquidation balance sheet, followed by the closing of the Company and elimination from the relevant Companies Register.
Business Valuation
In case of mergers or acquisitions, Open Company Italy will undertake an assessment of the economic value of a business or company.
Obtaining certificates, licenses from the local authorities
Whenever your company will need any type of certificate, license or authorization we will be ready to help you in obtaining it overcoming all the bureaucracy problems ,  working on your behalf.  
Translation of legal documents
We provide the service of certified translation of any legal document in Italian and English languages in short time with the guaranty of the confidentiality for our clients.
Our Services
Legal Services

Our lawyers  will be ready to assist you in the following matters:

- Drafting Contracts. Drafting any types of contracts  with the Company's customers and suppliers, as well as Contracts with the staff for the legal protection of the Company.


- Drafting employment contracts;


- Drafting Letters of Interest (LOI);


- Legal assistance in civil matters;


- Legal consultancy in  country's double taxation agreements;


- Legal assistance in tax planning matters;


- Legal assistance for company's Administrators.

Our Services
Immigration Services

- Assistance in application for a long term and short term (up to 90 days)  business Visa

- Assistance for Residence Permit application. - Single case valuation. We will advise You on the most suitable type of stay and work permit, prepare the necessary documentation, and monitor the procedure until the receipt of the document.

-Intra-company transfer Visa application

- Elective residence visa and residence permits

- Work permit within the annual quotas mechanism set by the government

- Fast-track VISA and residence permit for innovative start-up companies

Our Services
Real Estate Services

Open Company Italy has among its staff certified real estate specialists that will help you when needed to find either business premises for your new company as well as accommodation for its employees and managers  in any Italian city guiding by the client's needs.

- assistance in finding business premises , warehouses, offices;

- assistance in finding suitable accommodation in all the major cities of Italy;

- legal assistance;

- accompaniment to the Notary deed where needed;

- assistance with the management of communal payments and utilities;

- Municipal tax on property (IMU, Imposta Municipale Unica) calculation.

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