Our company provides immigration services that permit our clients to obtain a WORK PERMIT and STAY PERMIT in Italy.

The principal ways of obtaining a business STAY PERMIT in Italy are:

1. European Blue Card STAY PERMIT - HIGHLY QUALIFIED worker Stay permit.

A person can set up a new company in Italy and apply for a job in this company if he/she meets the following requirements:

-at least three-year University degree (that must be legalized in the country of origin in Italian Consulate);

- Work contract or binding job offer from Italy for at least 1 year;

- Annual Goss Salary at least 3 times the amount to be eligible for health benefit (approximately 30.000,00 €).

2. Infra-company transfer residence permit. You can obtain this type of residence permit by setting up a new company in Italy that is owned by your local company (in your country of origin) or an Italian branch or representative office of your local company. You will be "transfered" from your local company to the new Italian company and in this way get a residence permit.


Italian Start-up VISA (ISV) is a Self-Employment VISA with fast-track procedure, which has been operational since June 2014, started with the measure 44 of “Destinazione Italia” Plan - a national strategy to attract foreign talents and investments in Italy.

Definition of Innovative Startup: any companies with shared capital (i.e. limited companies, “società di capitali”), including cooperatives, whose capital shares – or equivalent – are neither listed on a regulated market nor on a multilateral negotiation system.

To get a START UP VISA your company must have the following requirements:

  • Be newly incorporated or have been operational for less than 5 years (in any case, not before 18 December 2012);
  • Have their headquarters in Italy or in another EU country, but with at least a production site branch in Italy;
  • Have a yearly turnover lower than €5 million;
  • Do not distribute profits;
  • Have as exclusive or prevalent company object – as stated in the deeds of incorporation – the production, development and commercialisation of innovative goods or services of high technological value;
  • Are not the result of a merger, split-up or selling-off of a company or branch;
  • The innovative character of the enterprises is identified by at least one of the following criteria:
    1. At least 15% of the company’s expenses can be attributed to R&D activities;
    2. At least 1/3 of the total workforce are PhD students, the holders of a PhD or researchers; or, alternatively, 2/3 of the total workforce must hold a Master’s degree;
    3. The enterprise is the holder, depositary or licensee of a registered patent (industrial property), or the owner and author of a registered software.

You also shall demonstrate that you can invest at least 50.000 euro in the company's Start up.

4. You also can apply for a work and stay permit in Italy when your Italian company (ex. LLC) has at least 3 year's story, by bringing all the regular  tax declarations to the police office.

5. Work permit within the government annual quotas mechanism

6. Investment of 1.000.000 euro or more in an existing Italian company

7. Investment of 500.000 euro or more in an existing Italian Innovative START UP company




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