Baby Bonus and Dependent Children 2018-01-05

Bonus BebèBaby Bonus
Families who have equivalent financial situation index less (ISEE) than 25 thousand euros, may benefit from 960,00 €/year for the first 3 years of life - or adoption - of children who will born in 2018.
If the equivalent financial situation index is less than 7.000 euros, families may benefit from 1.820,00 €/year.

Dependent Children
Starting from the 1st of January 2018, the limit of income, necessary to consider children as “Dependent Children”, is raised from 2.840,00 € to 4.000,00 €, if the child is under 24 years old.

Learning Specific Difficulties
New Tax Bonus with rate 19%, for expenditure effected during 2018 to buy technical tools, computer facilities, instruments that help verbal communication and foreign languages learning, necessary to help kids with learning specific difficulties, until High School Diploma.


Source: Fisco e Tasse





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