1° Luglio, Stop al pagamento in contanti per gli stipendi 2018-06-12

Starting from the 1st of July 2018, it will not be possible anymore to pay the salary or part of it in cash. A company have to pay salary just using traceable methods, like:

• Bank transfer to the employee’s bank account;
• Electronic means of payment;
• Cash payment, but just to the bank or post in which the employee have the account;
• Bank check, directly delivered to the employee or to the spouse, cohabitant or a first-degree relative, older than 16 years old, delegated.
In case of breach, there is a penalty of 1.000 € to 5.000 €.
Furthermore, the signature on payroll, cannot be used as proof of payment.
The new law covers all kind of  employment contracts, except public employees, domestic workers, trainees, occasional workers and scholarship; the latter can still be paid in cash.

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