Our Services
Assistance in starting business in Italy.
Open Company Italy assists its Customers in launching a new company: from drafting the company bylaws and selecting the most suitable legal type to registering the Taxpayer Identification Number for foreign owners and Notary Assistance.
Bookkeeping, Management Consulting, Administrative Support, Tax Consulting.
After the opening of the Company and its registration in the Chamber of Commerce of the city, at the request of the Customer, Open Company Italy provides services for bookkeeping, preparation of balance sheets and mandatory corporate registries. Also, Open Company Italy assists Customers in the preparation of Membership Meeting and Directors’ Committee Acts for the optimal fiscal planning in company management. If necessary, we will help You obtain the necessary Permits and Licenses from the competent authorities. Throughout the year, we will send e-forms of mandatory tax notices, as well as relevant declarations.
Taxpayer Identification Number and Individual VAT Number Issuance.
After the Notary Registration, we take the necessary steps to obtain Taxpayer Identification Number and Individual VAT Number in the State Tax Service. Taxpayer Identification Number and Individual VAT Number are issued within 24 hours from the time of incorporation.
Assistance in opening of bank accounts.
We provide Customers with assistance in opening personal and corporate bank accounts in leading Italian banks.
Tax Payment Arrangements.
We prepare tax payment plan in advance (VAT, IRES, IRPEF and IRAP).
Business, Financial and Management Consulting.
During the company's operation, we can provide assistance on the Company management to support the Directors and Company Members. Our assistance is aimed at achieving an optimal financial balance and management of the Company.
Drafting Contracts.
We draft Contracts with the Company's customers and suppliers, as well as Contracts with the staff for the legal protection of the Company.
Registration of Trademarks and Patents.
We register Trademarks owned by the Company in relevant Chambers of Commerce, and patents in the Office of Brands and Patents of Italy.
Recruitment and staff Management.
At the request of the Customers, we can assist in staff search and recruitment, and planning common expenses of the Company for its employees (calculating the state taxes and contributions to the pension fund in advance). We will prepare corporate contracts with employees, as well as send monthly payroll, financial statements and annual returns.
Company Liquidation and Dissolution.
In the event of Company closure and termination, we provide Customers with necessary assistance on the closure and liquidation of the company. We can become liquidators of the Company, as well as prepare and submit a final liquidation balance sheet, followed by the closing of the Company and exception from the relevant Companies Register.
Evaluation Company.
In the case of absorption or sale of the Company, Open Company Italy will undertake an assessment of the enterprise or its industry. In addition, we also deal with Company transformation, separation or consolidation.
Support for obtaining Government and European Grants.
We provide services for public grants documentation and business plan preparation, such as lending without recoil or concessional lending from the City and Region Administration, Government or the European Union.
Providing with Registered Address.
We provide a service for the provision of registered office of the Company at our offices.
Calculation of Property Tax.
In Italy, the property taxes rate change frequently. We provide pre-payment plan of property taxes for both individuals and companies.
Assistance for Residence Permit application.
We will advise You on the most suitable type of permit, prepare the necessary documentation, and monitor the procedure until the receipt of the document.
Company Reorganization, Consulting and Restructuring.
We conduct a general analysis of the development dynamics of the Company and provide consulting services on reorganization of the Company to reduce costs, reallocate resources and optimize the overall management of the Company.

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